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"I really appreciated your training and enthusiasm in helping me to develop our new website."

Helen Davey | Davey's Cracking Good Eggs

Barrel Top Wagons

Company name: Barrel Top Wagons

Client name:  Jo Henderson

Website: www.barreltopwagons.co.uk

Products / services offered: Bespoke carpentry and timber lodges.

The Challenge

What challenges or needs did you face that led you to look for business support?

After trading for 3 years it was time to assess the business and get a good overall picture of how best to proceed. I was keen to get outside assistance in this from experienced business mentors. Our sale were not as high as we would have liked and we were concerned we were not hitting out target market because our product was too ambiguous.

What impact did these problems have on you or your business?

Lower than desired sales. Not enough traffic to our website.


The Journey

How did you hear about Business Information Point?

I have known BIP for several years now.

Did you look anywhere else for advice before coming to us?

I attended a women's networking session before going through this process for this business.


The Solution

Can you briefly describe what support you received and whether this addressed your challenges / needs?

Graham Woolcock gave me a very helpful assessment of the business, our strengths and weaknesses, the areas to work on and a better focus on the direction we should take.

What were the benefits of this support for you and your business?

We have re-worked the website, been more pro-active in seeking out sales in the right market, attended lots of shows and seen an increase in sales.

Were there any obstacles or difficulties while trying to implement the support or advice?

No, none whatsoever.

What has been the measurable impact on your business? Any specific figures? i.e. increased business skills, increased efficiency, increased productivity, jobs created or safeguarded, reduced costs, increased sales, improved cash flow, improved systems.

  •      Improved cash flow
  •      Increased sales
  •      Better, more targeted, marketing



Please summarise your overall experience with BIP

Helpful, knowledgeable, conscientious, prompt, professional, a really good service to have in the area. I'd be a bit stuck without them.

What advice would you give a business owner looking for similar support?

Go straight to BIP. I have passed this advice on to many people over the years and indeed got a message this morning from someone who has taken that advice saying "Thank you - they are amazing!"


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