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"Your thinking is much appreciated."

Joe Parsons | The Arthurian Centre

Our Values

Our big idea is to develop outstanding advice, support and training solutions that our clients respect and feel valued by. We hope that by using our experience and credibility we will rapidly improve business performance through innovative, practical and focused solutions.

The principles behind our business are very important to us:
  • Expertise - the experience to make a difference
  • Drive - A strong desire to help our clients succeed
  • Clarity - The need to communicate clearly
  • Teamwork - The right people working together
  • Leadership - Never afraid to challenge and take responsibility
  • Engaging - Building richer relationships
  • Innovative - Thinking creatively about the solutions we develop
By embedding the above principles into our business, our clients benefit in the following ways:
  1. Better solutions based on a better understanding of client needs & culture
  2. Inspiring trust and belief in the target audience
  3. Talented people who know their subject
  4. A broader perspective of the business world
  5. Impact on personal & business performance

BIP works hard to ensure that whenever designing, delivering and working in partnership with a client, that the above principles are experienced and that the benefits are delivered to the client.

BIP has built a significant team to be able to support clients through starting a business, expanding a business and dealing with the future challenges that small business owners face each day.

Our ability to empathise with shifting situations and evolving business is unrivalled and our values are the foundation of this.


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Rural Areas Set for Renaissance?

This might seem a very optimistic statement given the doom and gloom that surrounds the UK and European economies at the moment, but I do believe there are a number of factors that give cause for a positive outlook.Nationally, there are a number of initiatives that have raised the prospects of rural areas seeing more resources being allocated as government seeks to rebalance the economy. Firstly Defra have just announced the creation of 14 Rural and Farming Networks. These would have direct contact with government, meaning they would be able to directly shape future rural policies. Networks representing different areas of England would identify and feed back local issues and concerns straight to the government, in order to make policies more rural-friendly. They would make a direct link between rural areas and the government, creating new opportunities to develop better and more targeted policy.Secondly the government is to review the formula that helps decide how much money local authorities receive to provide rural services. The pledge is contained in the government's response to a consultation on proposals enabling councils to keep a share of business rates they collect rather than paying them to Whitehall. Published on Monday (19 December), the response will be seen as a boost for rural local authorities who have long campaigned for a fairer funding deal from central government.
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Electronic Chatter or a Real Chat?

I find I now spend some of my spare time on the internet and find forums a good source of information. Usually its farming, enterprise or rugby related; there you know all my interests now!
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